Cambo Challenge 2015 - 17th to 28th October!

Straight from the heart of South-East Asia we proudly present the most anticipated, craved and sought after event of the year - the Cambo Challenge Tuk Tuk adventure!

In 2015, Cambodia will once again be home to the third edition of the Cambo Challenge,  which will see our travel aficionados traversing this unique Kingdom of Wonder on traditional; French named, Japanese powered & Cambodian designed  auto-remorque motos.
This unusual motorcycle-meets-carriage mishmash is guaranteed to be one of the most awkward, irrational and absurd ways to explore the over 1,650 km's of wild, rugged and challenging territory set out on this demanding tuk tuk adventure. Make no mistake, this is a mentally and physically challenging journey that will push your boundaries and test you in many ways. So dust off your Indy Jones hat and get ready to become the most resourceful, handy and inventive character since MacGyver. No other escapade will provide you with such authentic knowledge of the local Khmer ways and customs.
From the emblematic Angkor Wat to the pristine southern coast, this kind nation will simply astound you! So prepare yourself to be captivated by the Kingdom’s rich culture, influential religion, puzzling history and ancient heritage. All of this whilst admiring endless paddy fields, astonishing temples and spectacular landscapes.
As always our meaningful journey will embrace responsible travel and bring positive change to the local communities and everyone touched by this event.

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